Accommodation at Motel Charlie

Accommodation at Motel Charlie

We offer three types of accommodation: a guest house, cabins and the main building.

Prices for period from 1st January 2021

  • In the guest house: 6 double rooms - 1150,- Kč/a night/a room
  • In a cabin: 2 double cabins - 1150,- Kč/a night/a room
  • In a cabin: 7 three-bed cabins - 1550,- Kč/a night/a room  
  • In a cabin: 3 four-bed cabins - 1850,- Kč/a night/a room
  • In the main building: 1 double room - 1150,- Kč/a night/a room
  • In the main building: 1 three-bed room - 1550,- Kč/a night/a room 
  • In the main building:  1 five-bed room - 2200,- Kč/a night/a room

The price includes VAT. The holiday fee is not included.


Some accommodation is also wheelchair accessible. In particular, it´s 1 three-bed cabin, 1 four-bed cabin and 2 double rooms in the guest house.

All rooms are equipped with:

  • A shower or a bath and a toilet 
  • A fridge
  • An electric kettle and a microwave oven (in cabins)
  • A convector heater
  • A television
  • Internet access 

We also offer:

  • 2 outdoor grills
  • A playground for children
  • Bicycle storage
  • Parking space next to the guest house and the main building
  • Your dogs are welcomed

More photos of the accommodation in Motel Charlie